Danburite provide you exclusive PRO services in Abu dhabi

In the UAE, any business you do require a paper trail which means you need to fill in and process various applications and forms at different stages of each procedure. It is a daunting task and your time is valuable. So, wouldn’t it be great if you appoint us as your representative to handle all your paperwork and processes on your behalf?

We provide you exclusive PRO services in Abu dhabi on an annualized basis or on a project basis. It is a specialized service for companies that need to hire service for labor, immigration, economic and municipality department affairs.

  • Trademark / Copyright Registration
  • Company Liquidation / De-Registration of Companies
  • Emirates ID Service
  • Corporate Bank Account Opening
  • Partner / Investor Visa Processing
  • Company Formation
  • Visa Cancellation and Visa Renewal
  • Family Visa Sponsorship
  • VIP Medical Chaperoned Services
  • P.O. Box Setup
  • Establishment Card Processing
  • MOL Card Processing
  • Government Approvals & NOC’s from Government Ministries
  • Legal Translation Services
  • Legal Attestation of Corporate Documents at the Court / Public Notary

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