The company being registered in the main land requires a local sponsor or local service agent to fulfill the requirements of a company formation procedures. LLC company set up in Abu Dhabi required a local sponsor to hold 51% of the shares of your company. It is not necessary that you have to keep a local sponsor but you can opt to keep a company registered 100% by a local to represent the company. We have such companies in our portfolio to manage these requirements. The advantage of this provision is to have more flexibility and freedom to manage the company and do necessary amendments at any point of time.

Corporate sponsorship
The corporate sponsorship is widely accepted form of solutions by many foreign nationals due to its flexibility. A manager or a PRO appointed in the representative company can act unlimitedly to any number of companies. The internal structures will not affect the companies even though the people in the company are being replaced.

Local service agent
The professional companies are always required to have local service agents where the local only will act as a local service agent. 100% ownership of such companies will be vested in the expat and thus there is a good feeling of privacy in the company for an expat.

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