Visa for employees

The visas are being issued for the employees of the proposed company as the part of post formation formalities. A company needs to open the immigration file and labor file electronically and phsycially to become a company eligible to apply for visas for its employees. This is also mandatory to have the online immigration service registration. The total cost for the post formation formalities may cost approximately 7000AED but an employeement visa costs 3500 AED plus the cost of insurance along with refundable bank guarantee of AED 3000.

Visa for Investors

All investors in the country are eligible to apply for investor or partner visas. A company has a provision to apply for 2 investor visas maximum. An investor or partner needs to have shares equivalent value of 72,000 AED in the company, to be eligible for investor or partner visa. We assist you to have such visas.

Visa for spouse & children

The visas for spouse and children are eligible under the main applicant. The qualification are different for investor and employees. However, the sponsor must need to provided residential proof, valid marriage certificate (for wife), birth certificate (for children), bank statement, salary certificate or income proof etc as demanded. The rental agreement preferably sought within the emirates.

Visa renewal

Depending on the nature of visa either 2, 3 or one year the visa expires and which needs to be renewed. The renewal is processed followed by renewal of Emirates ID (biometric)process and medical fitness test and health insurance. We provide support for the same.

Visa cancellation

Even the expired visas are required to cancel to clear the files. We can help you to cancel the visit, employment and any sort of residential visas any time as demanded.

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