Company Liquidation Services

We provide liquidation services for all companies such as limited liability companies, free zone companies and offshore companies across UAE. We recommend to wind up the company if which is not in use for avoiding complications in the future.

The company can close at any time but which will not be waived from fees to government. It is required to cancel all the visas under the company before cancellation or liquidation of the company. The company has to either cancel or renew it on its expiry if the company has visas linked in it, to avoid legal proceedings by the government. This is purely part of social security measures.

How we can support you:

  • As liquidators we have qualified practitioners who are responsible to collect the company’s assets and distribute them to the company’s creditors, and in the event of a surplus, to the owners.
  • Also we are required to notify the Gazette (the official newspaper of record for the UAE – it records official, regulatory and legal information) and Registrar of their appointment. If the liquidation is voluntary, notice to the local newspaper is also standard practice.
  • Additionally, in the case of a voluntary or compulsory liquidation, we will have the power to continue the running of the business (if feasible) to ensure a beneficial winding up of the company.
  • Appoint liquidators and lawyers
  • Preparing audit reports for the company
  • Executing end to end services up to immigration and ministry of labor

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