Set up LLC for just 3500 AED per year
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Business set up for 3500 AED annually !

Golden opportunity to start a company in the main land of Abu Dhabi. As the part of economic reforms, the government of Abu Dhabi has introduced new registration of company and license for LLC company, establishment and any other form of professional entity. 

Office requirements

We have an option to eliminate the requirments of an office but still the company is eligible for 3 visas. For the start ups, do not worry about finding an office to run the business in the emirates of Abu Dhabi or else where. If office is not mandatory, that can save alot of time and money for the new business being registered in the minland of Abu Dhabi. 

The annul expenes

The govt. fee for 2 years license will be 7000 AED approximately whereas you will add on top of it, the cost of sponosr, and PR service fee etc but can make it minimum as per customization. We are happy to customize the service and cost as per the demand of client. 

Quick bank account for the business

A mainland company is eligible to set up bank account minimum in a week in any registered bank. You can avoid agents in between and save money and time by setting up of a main land compnay. 


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