Federal Decree-Law No. 19 of 2018
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Federal Decree-Law No. 19 of 2018


The new foreign direct investment law is predicted to vary the business setup in UAE by attracting well magnified foreign direct investment.

Honorable UAE president has issued a replacement Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) law that aims to push and develop country’s investment setting. Which represents the next step towards enabling 100% foreign ownership of UAE companies outside of free zone areas In accordance with Article II, the Decree-Law No. (19) Of 2018 aims to consolidate the country's position as a significant attraction for foreign direct investment at the regional and international levels, attract and encourage foreign investment.

As per the law a FDI unit is to be established within the ministry of economy. This may be to blame for proposing FDI policies within the country, decisive its priorities, fitting associated plans, programmes and dealing on their implementation following approval the UAE cabinet.

The law, revealed within the latest issue of the Official Gazette, seeks to expand and diversify the assembly base, transfer and attract advanced technology, data and coaching, additionally to increasing the flow of foreign direct investment in priority sectors to realize balanced and property development.

It is believed that the FDI Law provides for the “equal treatment of accredited foreign investment corporations as national companies”. Because it presently stands, 100 percent foreign possession of UAE corporations is barely allowable in free zones, that square measure selected geographic economic zones inside the UAE. However, corporations established in areas aren't usually allowable to hold on business within the UAE outside of that free zone (i.e. “onshore”). to hold on business “onshore” within the UAE, a corporation established underneath the UAE industrial corporations Law has got to be a minimum of fifty one closely-held by a UAE or GCC national, or a corporation completely closely-held by UAE or GCC nationals. For a few foreign investors, notably those unfamiliar the region, this inability to own full legal possession and management has been seen as a barrier to entry or limitation on their business within the UAE.

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