Cost of setting up a company in Abu Dhabi
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There are two main ways a person can set up a company in the Abu Dhabi, UAE. 
This can be in conjunction with a local partner who would own 51 per cent of the company, known as an LLC (limited liability company) or via one of the many free zones where a foreign national can own 100 per cent of the company.

Below we would like to give you a brief and approximate overview of the costs of establishing an LLC in Abu Dhab

  1. Local Sponsorship: starting from AED 20,000 depending on type of business and size of company
  2. PRO Package: starting from 8,500 (not mandatory)
  3. Trade License Fee: AED 10,000 - 20,000
  4. Office cost: starting at AED 20,000 - as per size requirements 

Free zone Setup Costs
Setting up your business in the city’s freezone area has its own advantage, particularly in terms of costs. However, costs vary by free zone i.e. it depends on which free zone you choose to set up your business. Besides, costs in a free zone area also depends on the business structure, nature, building, and number of visas sought.  The following are part of the costs:

  1. One-time fee for registering business in the city
  2. One-time fee for name-reservation
  3. Annual fee for business license
  4. Annual fee for building
  5. Visa fee/person


Know your market
These companies can help you in starting business in UAE. 
They perform market studies, do consumer profiles and they can also help with the legal side of starting new businesses.

Danburite Corporate  -

Cosmohub Management Consultancy -

Business in Sharjah -


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