How to start restaurant business in abu-dhabi
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Start a Restaurant business in Abu Dhabi or in UAE with simple steps.

For a successful restaurant business in UAE, some parameters need to be checked. There are certain rules, regulations and the hygiene conduct code.  

Here is the 5 critical points to keep in mind  that a business owner needs to go through before opening a food service establishment.

Point - 1 Food Code: 

There is a food code which guides all the restaurants in Dubai and UAE. A food code enables and informs a restaurant owner about the food safety regulation devised by the food control department of the United Arab Emirates. Meeting the requirements in necessary to initiate a food business and getting a license. Consequently, clean food and a clean environment are the primary demands of UAE food code  for  cafes, bakeries, canteens, and grocery shops.

Point - 2 Food License

In the emirate of Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority ensures food safety and guarantees that the food is fit for human consumption. It also conducts the necessary research and studies on safe food and issue rules, regulations and standards on food items sold or offered for human consumption.


Know your market
These companies can help you in starting business in UAE. 
They perform market studies, do consumer profiles and they can also help with the legal side of starting new businesses.

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