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Ecommerce is gaining immense popularity in UAE and is capturing the UAE market by storm. Shopping online has come a long way from being just another new trend. Online shopping sites have become a preferred medium for purchase. Ecommerce is a type of business where commercial transactions happen via internet.



The company should get a license from the Department of Economic Development.  If the business is planning to be set up in any of the free zones, license from the relevant free zone authority is required. The type of license will depend upon the nature of the business.


An e-commerce company can be an aggregator of an international store or chain. Depending on the nature of the business, one should consider setting up a physical office. Dubai-based companies must have physical office space to be considered legal.


As websites are a gateway to the online world. To set up an online business, websites are mandatory.  Website is the interactive platform between the seller and buyer.

The following steps need to be taken when establishing your web presence

Registering a domain

You will need to choose a domain name and register it. Domain name is the address we use for the website.

If you are planning to set up an online shopping portal, there are few more factors to be done.

Online payment getaways

Now a days people are opting for a cashless mode of transaction hence online payment getaways are necessary for shopping portals. There are secure payment getaway options            such as credit card payments, cash on delivery, installment scheme, prepaid card systems            etc.


If the products are imported from outside the country and selling them online in the UAE market, the business has to be registered with the relevant emirates ports and customs. A custom duty is applicable to the products imported.

Businesses established within a free zone are exempt from customs duties if they are selling their products and services within the free zone or outside the country. However, if they are selling to the UAE market (outside the free zone), the customs duty has to be paid and a local commercial agent has to be appointed.

Our business experts at Danburite corporate helps you with your online business setup and guide you throughout the process. We take care of your end to end business needs and give tailor made solutions for your business.

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