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How to start a new Business in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi

Start a company in Abu dhabi goes through various process until we register the company under department of economic development in Abu Dhabi. The license issuing authority in Abu Dhabi is DED in Abu Dhabi, for all license and legal structures. 
Initial step or primary requirement before the formation of a company in Abu Dhabi
All shareholders and local sponsors or local service agents are required to submit their applications and details for CID/security approval under immigration followed by depositing 150,000 AED per investor for the approvals. The deposit can be against fund deposited in any nationalised banks in UAE. 
Initial approval 
The initial approval form requires to have details of activities proposed for the business along with the details of sponsor/agent or shareholders. The department of economic development will refer the documents for third party approval if it requires such. 
Trade Name approval
The trade name as per regulation, they can apply either with the passport of local sponsor or investors. Once the trade name is approval process is executed, they can go ahead for the consolidations process through rest of the formalities. 
Court/ Notary public – attestation of documents and legal translation
The company documents or corporate documents are to be prepared followed by the above process. The investors have freedom to choose the language as Arabic or Arabic with translations. If required to translate the document, they can do it through a legal translator before finalizing the license. 
Office is mandatory to register any business in the emirates of Abu Dhabi. We will be able to find suitable offices such as shared office, virtual office, small office and office for low budget for registering the business. 
Consolidation of process
The process of business registration is based on the above mentioned steps to put together. An efficient PRO is required to file your documents and papers for registering your business in Abu Dhabi. The demand of local support is important to fulfil the company set up formalities 

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