Company setup in Abu Dhabi

Expert business consultants and corporate lawyers to help Businesses in Abu Dhabi in an affordable and suitable way. Our solutions for company registration are tailor made, comprehensive, unique and outstanding in the industry. We are corporate lawyers specialized to optimize businesses to achieve high profitability. We have excellent awareness about UAE commercial law and its application in a legal point of view.
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Free Zones in UAE

Free-trade zones in the United Arab Emirates are areas that have a special tax, customs and imports regime and are governed by their own framework of regulations.

Local sponsorship in Abu Dhabi

For the establishment of an LLC in the Abu Dhabi, a local sponsor, ie a "local" business partner, is compulsory by law.

Legal and business service

There are several legal forms and structures that are appropriate to the needs and nature of your business such as an establishment, Limited Liability Company, etc.

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Must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing pleasure and praising pain was born and
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24 February, 2020

Business set up for 3500 AED annually ! Golden opportunity to start a company in the main land of Abu Dhabi. As the part of economic reforms, the government of Abu

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05 December, 2018

After a few years serving to entrepreneurs came upon within the UAE, I will say with some confidence that the nation’s free zones are one among the most important reasons

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24 November, 2018

Federal Decree-Law No. 19 of 2018   The new foreign direct investment law is predicted to vary the business setup in UAE by attracting well magnified foreign direct investment. Honorable UAE president

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Our Services

We are professionally qualified business consultants and corporate lawyers. We provide wide range of services for company set up, company restructuring, immigration services, services at ministry of labor, home departments, and other departments. We provide PRO services to companies in Abu Dhabi. We manage the portfolio of companies in Abu Dhabi, arrange shared and flexible offices for the company, and arrange reliable local sponsors for your business.

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